About us

About us

For over 10 years, Decomakers has accompanied you in defining, designing and executing successful exhibition experiences.

Our company was founded by Samuel Raaymakers back in 2006 on a simple premise: companies could transform everyday exhibition spaces into powerful tools of communication, that created immediate emotional bonds with customers.

You dream it. Together, we’ll conceive it and achieve it.
We accompany you in envisioning, defining and executing exceptional exhibition experiences.

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Soon joined by two highly qualified associates, Samuel’s work became a passionate team endeavour. Our leadership team, with their decades of experience, unstoppable energy and unbreakable team spirit, swiftly sought out those with the necessary skillsets to comprise a full-service organisation. As a result, today our team is comprised of project managers, designers, electricians, fitters, carpenters and workshop managers, constantly striving to provide the best-in-class solutions.

We work directly with marketing and event agencies, trade show exhibitors and organizers, and more. Whether it comes to envisioning your future space, designing modular or made-to-measure, high-end, general installations on a large-scale, or keeping your materials safe and sound in our warehouses, we’ll accompany you through the creation, construction, setup and logistics.

What’s more, our distinctive methods and expansive production capacities allow us to produce large-scale projects, whilst ensuring exceptional reactivity, competitive rates, guaranteed professionalism and reliable, qualitative results. 

We’re passionate about creating singular exhibition environments. And we’re proud to make your dream exhibition environment come to life.

We proudly work with clients 
from around the world 
for shows and events

  • 01 G P Johnson
  • 05 Beyond
  • 03 Lions
  • 04 Jack Morton
  • 02 Pico
  • 06 Yezz
  • 07 Reed Midem
  • 08 Mbc Group
  • Beyond Exhibit
  • London
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Cannes
  • Frankfurt
  • Milan
  • United States

5 500 m²
of warehouse with a large
capacity of production.

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"Thank you! Thank you to all our clients for their trust and loyalty… thank you to my associates and to this incredible team, who exudes remarkable energy each day while working passionately to complete all your projects"

Samuel Raaymakers, Operations Director DECOMAKERS
Samuel Raaymakers Dtr

Meet the team



    Operations Director

  • Yolanda MONTER

    Yolanda MONTER

    Administrative Assistant



    Purchasing Manager

  • Alain PETRUCCI

    Alain PETRUCCI

    System workshop Supervisor

  • Alberto TORREÑO

    Alberto TORREÑO

    Electrician Supervisor

  • Eric FILLIAT

    Eric FILLIAT

    Project Director

  • Marc G. PARES

    Marc G. PARES

    Senior Project Manager

  • Albert RUBIO

    Albert RUBIO

    Project Manager



    Project Manager

  • Oriol SOLANAS

    Oriol SOLANAS

    Graphics Project Manager

  • Didier BRAUN

    Didier BRAUN

    Account Director

  • Jordi GRAU

    Jordi GRAU

    Senior Production Manager

  • Josep QUILES

    Josep QUILES

    Senior Technical Designer

  • Marc PEREZ

    Marc PEREZ

    Technical Designer

  • Florent CHIDEKH

    Florent CHIDEKH

    Sales / Senior Project Manager

Our values

What makes us a solid partner in fulfilling all your exhibition requirements? It comes down to who we are and how we work. We strive for excellence, to consistently surpass your expectations. We listen with intention, to understand your needs and propose ideal solutions. And lastly, we work as team players, collaborating effectively, fostering trust and building lasting relationships. 

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Reactivity
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Corporate Social Responsibility

We’re all about creating responsibly. That’s why Decomakers has developed countless procedures and practices to help us protect the environment and minimise our carbon footprint. Whether it’s amongst our team, with our partners or directly with clients, we strive to advocate sustainability… to create today for a better tomorrow. 

Corporate Social Responsibility